Looking for a UNCOMPLICATED stay in Gir Lion Sanctuary?

3 Things that can spoil your trip to Gir National Park

  • Getting a Safari Booking can be a nightmare. Plan your wildlife trips in advance.
  • Do you know which time is the best for Jungle visits?
  • Can you be sitting around and not know how to enhance your experience at the lodge?

We know you don’t waste your time & money so here we are to help.

  • There are many options to stay at Gir Forest but we would zero-in on a few that would enhance your experience & comfort
  • Depending upon the time of the year and the movement of wildlife we will pre-book your safaris
  • If you don’t pre-book you will not get to go into the jungle as there are no bookings available off the counter

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Why Book through Asian Adventures ?

  • The challenge is to find the right hand-holding people, we are the people on the ground.
  • We are transparent in our dealing.
  • We want you to appreciate nature and start living for it. Because we do it too!

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Our Testimonials

Thanks for this pleasant stay by the mango trees. We enjoyed every minute and the sightings of Lion & Leopard was dream like. Also the walk by river with all these birds were quite exotic for us. The staff have been pleasant & helpful
- Hellet Henning​
Comfortable room very pleasant conscious staff. Delicious and healthy food and the premises overall is very well designed. Expert guide and drivers & we were likely to see 02 big male lions, a pride of 08 lioness and cubs, a leopard, jackal, sambhar, boar actually everything overall one of my favorite jungle trip in my past 08 years as an enthusiastic wildlife follower
- Prakash Prabhu
Wonderful journey to reserve, the last of the Asiatic lion. I was not disappointed, saw leopard & pride of lions, enjoyed the stay. Lovely staff and stunning peaceful surrounding.
- Ro London